Why Choose Us ?

Top Quality Solar Panels

We use panels from industry leading manufacturers which have been designed specifically for optimal performance to combat the unpredictable Australian climate. Utilise their industry leading warranty and Positive Quality’ by the Australian Solar Council.

Best quality solar inverters
We use the Mercedes Benz of Solar Inverters to ensure you get the most out of your system and with a 25 year warranty, you will wish you switch to solar sooner.
25 Year Warranty

All out Tier 1 panels come with as long as 25 years performance warranty, and we also provide 5 years installation warranty to give you peace of mind that the installation is done perfect


100% Australian owned and operated

We are proud to be fully Australian owned and operated. Our operations from pre to post sales is based here – And very likely to be in a local office near you. Invest in a company that is only a stone’s throw away.

About Us - Diamond Solar

Diamond Solar Plus is one of the fast growing Australia’s solar energy provider dedicated to offering groundbreaking solutions that meet all customers’ different needs. We have established a great reputation with our passion for delivering exceptional services, from designing, engineering, to installing solar energy products, we are a one-stop shop for all of your solar energy needs.

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If you are looking to switch to solar energy, undoubtedly you already know why it’s a smart move. Now you must consider the most important part of your journey—who do you choose? The answer is simple. Diamond Solar Plus is a widely trusted brand in the solar market. With years of experience and an expert staff of engineers and quality installation team, we have proven to be leaders in the Australian solar industry. We take the time to understand every customer and work around your needs to provide you with the best solar experience.

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